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Reminder – New Uprate Process for 2021+ Product

As a reminder, all dealers are subject to the updated uprate process for EPA 2021 and newer products. Below is a process flow graphic which details each step of the uprate process. The first new step compared with previous process is that you will have to get an OEM authorization letter or email from OEM corporate containing the specifics, ESNs listed, as well as the OEM’s approval. This should be sent along with the official uprate request. The next modification to the process is that prior to issuing the data place, the engine plant will check the ESN list in the OEM letter and the ESN list from the local compliance leader match.

The OEM letter acknowledging and approving the request must satisfy the below parameters:

  • Single document
  • Email or letterhead
  • Approver must be from “Compliance” or related group at OEM
  • ESN(s) AND VIN(s) in question to be outlined
  • Rating changes outlined

Always use the official uprate request form and submit requests, along with the necessary documentation to [email protected]

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