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Cummins MART was developed to provide you with easy access to Cummins marketing materials and sales literature. You can browse marketing, sales and information resources on the site and download PDF versions of various pieces. You can even order printed copies of the pieces through our print on-demand functionality. This article breaks down how to access and benefit from this useful resource.

Accessing Cummins MART – Visit and sign in using your QuickServe credentials. If you don’t have QuickServe credentials, you can create a login account on the MART website using the “register” button.

How to Browse and Order Literature – Upon logging in, use the “literature” tab to pull up the below screen. Once there, you can use the search/filter options in the left-hand navigation bar or simply browse through various literature titles. Once you’ve found a piece that is applicable, click the red “more info” button.

After clicking “more info,” you can download a PDF version of the marketing piece, or you can enter a specified quantity that you would like to print, and click the “add to cart” button.

Once ready to check out, you can click on the cart tab to review your order, view a shipping estimate and confirm your order details.

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