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Cummins offers a suite of connected solutions that can be valuable to your customers. While all three of the offerings are wireless solutions that aim to increase uptime for fleets, it’s important that customers understand the benefits and differences between each connected service as well as how to enroll for these solutions. Below is an overview of each solution and how it can benefit your fleet customers.

Connected Diagnostics – Fleet managers receive valuable telematics updates and data to their smartphone, email inbox or via the web portal from Connected Diagnostics. Using wireless technology, the customer’s engines will be connected to Cummins for continuous monitoring as well as diagnosis of system faults and failure alerts. This information allows fleets to make smarter decisions regarding maintenance and general operations.

Connected Advisor – More than just a reporting tool, Connected Advisor provides fleets with expert recommendations that are prioritized for customers. This allows fleets to act on the data in an assertive and efficient manner. The reports can even advise customers on the optimal timelines to address notifications so that service incurs as little downtime as possible.

Connected Software Updates – While software updates are key to keeping engines running at peak performance, we know that there’s never a convenient time to take a vehicle out of service. Connected Software Updates allows fleets to make calibrations and updates over-the-air through remote access to the engine control module (ECM). This requires less than 5 minutes of stationary downtime for the vehicle and doesn’t require it to be in any specific location at the time of the update.

Customers who are accessing these applications via the Cummins Connected Solutions portal can log in to the portal and enroll there. Customers can also check with their Cummins representative as these offerings are also available through integrations with leading OEMs and telematics providers.

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