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All you need is an internet connection in order to access a deep trove of useful information and programs that can help you spec equipment, answer questions about feature functions and much more. While many of the features are accessible anywhere, you will need access to the software in order to transfer trim settings. That’s because the launch of has made it easier than ever to access Cummins information.

Optimized for use on mobile as well as PC devices, PowerSpec Web gives you access anywhere, anytime. Whether you are out on the lot or taking a test drive – or using a laptop to configure settings – PowerSpec Web makes it easier than ever.

One of the most helpful features is how it allows you to preview how a specific engine or powertrain will impact vehicle performance and respond to driver behavior. You can also use this website to calculate the optimal settings to achieve your customers’ performance objectives.

All of the Cummins 2021 products are already loaded into PowerSpec, and you can count on more continuous improvements moving forward. One such future improvement that will be happening soon is the capability to read engine data and create feature templates – so you can cascade them across an entire truck fleet with ease. Other upcoming initiatives planned for 2021 include fuel economy and total cost of operation (TCO) estimates. 

Of course, you will be able to connect and/or transfer PowerSpec software to customer vehicles. To learn more, visit

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