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The new integrated powertrain features that are available with Cummins EX ratings provide tremendous drivability and fuel economy benefits, pleasing both owners and operators of on-highway tractor-trailers.

EX ratings combine the X15 Efficiency Series engine, the Endurant™ HD Transmission and GPS look-ahead data to deliver up to 1.5% better fuel economy while improving vehicle operation. Additionally, the EX ratings come with the full ADEPT suite of features enabled and turned on.  Spec’ing the EX rating package provides access to the following Cummins Integrated Power proprietary features:

  • Predictive Gear Shifting – using look-ahead GPS mapping to improve performance going up hills,
  • Predictive Braking – using look-ahead data and improved transmission integration for better control on downslopes,
  • On-Ramp Boost – allowing extra power for accelerating and merging smoothly onto highways, and
  • Dynamic Power – adapts to route and vehicle load, maximizing fuel economy during easy drive cycles and delivering more performance in harder ones.

Just as important, customers spec’ing the EX package will have access to advanced, innovative technology for upgraded capability down the road for years to come.

While the four primary features are common across almost all OEM platforms, there are some terminology and equipment compatibility variations that you should know of when specifying.

VOLVO: Began fulfilling orders with the Cummins Endurant HD transmission as of June 1, 2020 on VNL models equipped with X15 Efficiency Series engines.

PETERBILT & KENWORTH: Customers will have access to the full list of EX features by the end of September. The powertrain is integrated with PACCAR’s predictive module, and requires tandem rear axles greater than 40,000 lbs for access to On-Ramp Boost.

FREIGHTLINER: Customers spec’ing the EX Ratings in the new Cascadia module will have access to the full list of Cummins Integrated Power proprietary powertrain features – with Dynamic Power coming by the end of September. Starting this month (after August 17, 2020), DTNA trucks equipped with Cummins X15 Efficiency Series engines in the new Cascadia will provide an integrated package using an advanced engine computing module called Acumen that comes preinstalled on these vehicles with all the necessary connectivity hardware. The EX features are supported by the Cummins Acumen module which provides GPS look-ahead data as well as connected solutions capabilities.  Acumen has multiple connectivity protocols and installation options to meet build requirements and security certification thresholds. The first three features will be available immediately. The Dynamic Power feature will be accessible in the third quarter of 2020. The Acumen Features Guide is available for download at

INTERNATIONAL: Customers spec’ing EX ratings will have access to Predictive Gear Shifting, Predictive Braking and Dynamic Power through the Navistar N2 module. Dynamic power will be available by the end of September.

For more information about the technology, features and benefits of the Endurant powertrain, please see the Cummins Integrated Power powertrain webpage.

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