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The need for cleaner, more powerful, longer-lasting diesel engines with reduced cost of operation has never been more important. At Cummins, we understand that meeting 2021 EPA standards is an environmental goal that can simultaneously produce tremendous economic benefits for our trucking customers, including those with work trucks and vocational vehicles.

That’s why Cummins chose Work Truck 2020 to debut its new B6.7 and L9 engines. These engines are the culmination of decades’ worth of proven performance, bolstered by Cummins unrelenting quest for continuous improvement.

Both engines will see significantly extended oil drain intervals and fuel filter replacement intervals, reducing downtime and minimizing labor costs. A redesigned breather is maintenance-free for the life of the engines.

Fuel efficiency increases help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The L9 features improved lubrication, a lower peak torque speed and modified camshaft timing. The B6.7 gets an improved turbo speed sensor and an additional exhaust manifold pressure sensor for better on-board diagnostics.

The 2021 B6.7 and L9 also incorporate advanced electronic management and remote capabilities with the Cummins suite of Connected Technologies. Fleet management tools include remote monitoring, reporting and engine calibration capabilities. These engines even include prognostic capabilities to detect and diagnose performance issues before they turn into serious problems and, in the near future, will be connected with preemptive parts procurement to ensure the fastest possible resolution and maximize uptime. These technological advances are enabled by a new, more powerful CM2450 electronic control module (ECM) with an improved controls software package.

Refuse trucks, mixers, dump trucks and plows are subject to some of the most severe duty cycles that challenge any engine’s capabilities. The fact that Cummins is a leader in this segment of the transportation industry, with over 80% market share, speaks volumes not only to our legacy of performance but also to our excellence in service over the past century.

Ratings for the B6.7 range from 200-325 hp with 520-750 lb-ft peak torque. Power output for the L9 ranges from 260-380 hp with up to 1250 lb-ft of peak torque.

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