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2020 Update: X15™ Platform

No other diesel engine platform in North America offers you the ability to precisely match power output, operating efficiency and overall productivity to your customers’ individual needs.

  • The X15 Efficiency Series offers 18 ratings from 400-500 hp, with peak torque up to 1850 lb-ft and engine speeds up to 1700 rpm. 6 EX ratings are new for 2020, available exclusively when spec’ing the Endurant transmission/powertrain, and look-ahead technology.
  • The X15 Performance Series has 7 ratings available from 485-565 hp, with 2050 lb-ft of peak torque and engine speeds of up to 2000 rpm
  • The X15 Productivity Series includes 7‘V’ ratings that have the same hardware as the X15 Efficiency Series and range from 430 and 500 hp. Three additional X15 Productivity Series ratings above 500 hp use the same hardware as the X15 Performance Series and offer up to 605 hp.

In keeping with Cummins long-standing initiative of continuous improvement, many product features have been improved for 2020 on the standard ratings. This includes:

  • Dual Torque Droops
  • Maximum Vehicle Speed Control
  • Torque Rate Limiting
  • SmartTorque 2
  • SmartCoast and Accelerator Coast Management
  • Engine Assisted Shifting

Features exclusive to the EX ratings include:

  • Predictive Gear Shifting – which uses look-ahead technology and determines the ideal gear selection and shift timing to achieve strong performance with a 0.2% improvement in trip time for a typical FE linehaul route and a 3 mph reduction in speeds far below top droop
  • On-Ramp Boost – unleashes full potential for safer merging on highways, with a 2-6 second reduction in the amount of time needed to go from 20 to 60 mph. This is achieved by temporarily disabling VAM, torque limiting on SmartTorque and SmartTorque2 engines and modifying the shift schedule
  • Predictive Braking – automatically activates engine braking and downshifts to eliminate overspeeding

These features require that your customers’ vehicles be spec’d with 2020 X15 Efficiency Series engines, Endurant™ transmissions and GPS map data input hardware.

Additional details about specific X15 engines and powertrains for 2020 can be found at

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