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Policy Reminder: VG Turbo/Electronic Actuator Claims

VG Turbo Engine

As part of our ongoing drive to improve reliability and durability of Cummins products, we do a forensic engineering examination on components that get returned, especially where a warranty claim is involved. This process has revealed that many VG Turbos equipped with electronic actuators that have been “turned in” over the counter for replacement have in fact met all specifications and were in perfect working order.

Most often, diagnosis was not done at a Cummins facility, and the trouble-shooting procedures used didn’t correctly identify a failure of a different engine system. As a result of the incorrect diagnosis, customers with the replacement turbos have been frustrated by continuing performance issues – something no one wants.

To alleviate this problem, Cummins has modified its policy to address the root cause of this issue. We are now requiring that vehicles with potential turbocharger issues (on any VG turbo with an electronic actuator purchased in the US or Canada on or after October 1, 2018) must be diagnosed while mounted on the engine by an authorized or certified Cummins Service Provider in order for the turbo or actuator to be eligible for new or ReCon parts warranty coverage. The Cummins Service Provider must follow published troubleshooting steps and service procedures.

There is no change to the actual warranty coverage. If a warrantable failure is identified, the Cummins warranty will pay for all parts and labor, replace the component and correct any progressive damage up to the extent covered by the warranty.

Note that this does this does not impact or change the warranty coverage on any Cummins turbocharger purchased over the counter and installed on a customer’s vehicle – it simply means that the diagnosis of an issue on that part has to be performed at an authorized facility on the vehicle. Customers can no longer bring the part back with a third-party diagnosis and expect to have a warranty claim authorized without proper validation.

This change in policy helps ensure that parts are not being replaced unnecessarily, reduces customer downtime and prevents repeat visits for the same performance issue. Controlling the diagnostic procedure also helps ensure that Cummins can continue to identify areas of improvement to make future turbocharger designs even more robust and reliable, which is to everyone’s benefit.

QuickServe Online (QSOL) users can view additional details for the reasons behind this decision and procedures that must be followed, here.

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