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Heavy-Duty Extended Coverage Protection Plans for 2020

For a risk-adverse transportation industry that is holding onto equipment longer and longer, the option of buying extended coverage with a Cummins Protection Plan makes more sense than ever. It eliminates the potential for unanticipated repair expenses and spreads the cost out over multiple years.

The big question everyone wants to know is, will the plans be increasing in price in 2020. The answer is a resounding NO – prices for all the Protection Plans we offer to meet your customers’ needs are remaining the same as 2019.

But what about the new Productivity Series? Because it has two different hardware sets (one that matches the Efficiency Series and one with higher hp ratings that uses Performance Series components), there are two different pricing structures. That may sound confusing at first – until you see that the lower range of ratings (430V, 450V, 470V and 500V) will share the same pricing as the X15™ Efficiency Series, while the upper range of ratings (555V, 565V and 605V) will share pricing with the X15 Performance Series.

As in years past, you can offer your customers a wide range of options to fit their budget, their trading cycle and their desired coverage.

Protection Plan 1:  Offers choices ranging from 3 years/300,000 miles up to 5 years/500,000 miles and covers all major engine systems, the ECM, EGR Cooler, Valve and Mixer, Engine Harness, Flywheel, Front Gear Housing and select engine sensors as well some parts that are more prone to wear like the turbocharger, water pump, fuel injectors, air compressor and fuel pump (HD1). The HT1 plan adds travel and towing. 6-year coverage with multiple mileage options is available for the X15 Efficiency Series.

Protection Plan 2:  Covers major internal engine systems from the base engine warranty start date with options ranging from 3 years/300,000 miles up to 7 years/250,000 miles and is also offered with travel and towing (HT2) or without (HD2).

Customers who recognize the need to purchase extended coverage for the engine and associated components and realize the potential risk of failure to the media with its precious metal coating is an expensive proposition are probably going to want the Aftertreatment Extended Coverage (AT3). Similar to the other Protection Plans, AT3 is available in a wide array of terms from 3 years/300,000 miles to 6 years/600,000 miles, but it must be purchased along with a Protection Plan 1 of equal or greater duration.   Coverage includes the Single Module assembly, hydrocarbon dosing system, urea dosing system, select sensors and the aftertreatment controls unit.

Budget-conscious customers who are only concerned with the expenses involved with heavy-duty components such as castings, forgings, the water pump, flywheel, front gear housing and gear train gears should be encouraged to purchase a Major Components Protection Plan (HMC) which is offered at 5 years/500,000 miles, 6 years/600,000 miles or 7 years/700,000 miles.

Complete details about the multitude of extended coverage options can be found on your Cummins Dealer page under the Warranty & Extended Coverages tab. Follow the prompts to MD/HD Truck and then to Extended Coverages. Registration guidelines can be found following the same path. Please contact your supporting Cummins Distributor for pricing and additional details.  

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