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PowerSpec: Ultimate Power Tool For Customer Satisfaction

In today’s highly competitive world, mass production provides efficiency and cost effectiveness. However, you also need the ability to customize your product’s functionality to meet the unique needs of each and every customer – and possibly each individual vehicle!

Having a proprietary tool that allows the flexibility to tailor the operation of an engine to meet customer goals is a huge sales advantage – one that Cummins provides to you with PowerSpec, a free software application that you can use on any platform.

A host of features provide you with the up-to-the-minute information you need. This includes:

  • Gearing Calculator – essential for correctly matching engine output to transmission, axle and tire size for the desired mix of performance and fuel efficiency
  • Electronic features- settings and descriptions to give your customers a thorough understanding of all the parameters that can be adjusted. Everything from idle time and droop to driver rewards
  • Customized engine ‘specs’ – enabling customers to tailor performance to meet specific operational goals
  • “Hot Specs” available for fleets – allowing for rapid updating when a new setting proves highly advantageous
  • Collects valuable trip information – providing managers with real-world evidence of how vehicles and drivers are performing on the road
  • Reporting Feature – delivering information in easy-to-read reports with the ability for exception reporting that isolates problem areas for rapid review

Of these, the most important feature for Cummins sales and service personnel is the gearing calculator, as it should be used when spec’ing the vehicle prior to placing an order. There are five primary elements to consider:

  • Customer Operational Objective – Do they want to optimize fuel economy and get the lowest possible cost of operation? Or is maximum performance and achieving high driver satisfaction your customer’s main goal? Or do they seek a “happy medium” between the two?
  • Startability – The ability to get a load underway is critical, particularly when dealing with deliveries in high-traffic areas. Getting the proper amount of torque matched up to lower gear ratios can make all the difference
  • Cruise at RPM Calculation – Particularly for long-haul truckers, getting this exactly right is crucial to getting the most out of every drop of fuel
  • Gradeability at Cruise – Every customer has unique equipment, loads and routes to consider. PowerSpec helps guide you through the parameter-setting process so that your customers’ trucks can maintain road speed on long uphill climbs
  • Gradeability at Peak Torque – Similar to gradeability at cruise, this feature allows you to maximize vehicle performance when it’s needed most

In addition, PowerSpec provides snapshot and trend data whenever a fault code is triggered.

PowerSpec is a comprehensive tool that is an invaluable aid, not just in the initial spec’ing process but throughout delivery and use of the vehicle. The ability to customize performance to driver preferences can help improve retention. Being able to modify parameter settings as loads, routes or business objectives shift over time will help your customers manage their assets better, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Improving satisfaction and lowering total cost of ownership are key elements to creating customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

It can be downloaded, at no charge, to any PC running Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Your customers will need the INLINE 7 adapter cable – available for order at the Cummins PowerStore or through your Cummins distributor – to communicate with and gear your vehicle, configure electronic features and read engine data.

Customers who prefer the convenience of using a mobile device should get the INLINE™ mini, Bluetooth-enabled Vehicle Datalink Adapter. It allows smartphones or tablets to communicate wirelessly with the on-board Electronic Control Module (ECM), accessing vehicle subsystem information from the engine, transmission and brake system using an integrated 9-pin connector that plugs directly into the vehicle’s SAE J1939-13 diagnostic connector.

For additional information, visit A PowerSpec user’s manual with in-depth detail about all of the capabilities of this application can be found online here.

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