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Cummins is committed to providing you and your customers with a reliable source of additives that restore engine and vehicle performance. In August 2017, the Fleetguard® line of fuel supplements and cleaners was discontinued. In its place, Cummins recently partnered with Power Service to endorse two specific products within their line of chemical fuel additives.

Cummins engines are designed, developed, rated and built to both certify and operate efficiently on commercially available diesel fuel. However, Cummins recognizes that there are poor quality fuels in the market which don’t always meet ASTM D975, and these fuel issues can result in a variety of issues for the customer, such as poor lubricity, low cetane numbers, low temperature operability issues or injector deposits. Some cold weather operations may also call for the use of fuel additives when pour-point depressants, wax-crystal modifiers or de-icers are needed. For Cummins customers who are experiencing fuel quality issues, the Power Service partnership will enhance the access of quality fuel additive solutions, allowing us to better service these customers.

Power Service has been manufacturing chemicals since 1956, and the two products endorsed by Cummins for use in its engines are:

  • Power Service Diesel Kleen® + Cetane Boost®
  • Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement® + Cetane Boost®

Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost is a multifunctional additive that cleans injectors, boosts cetane and lubricates fuel injection compounds. It can be used year-round to clean injectors, prevent sticking and restore performance and is formulated for use when temperatures are typically above 30 degrees F.

Diesel Kleen Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost is the recommended product for customers operating in colder climates below the freezing mark. It protects against fuel gelling and keeps fuel filters from plugging with ice and wax.

Both Power Service products are formulated with a Slick Diesel™ lubricator to protect fuel pumps and injectors from increased wear when poor quality ULSD fuel is encountered. Additionally, with faster startups and restored performance for your customers, Cummins service providers should experience improved product availability through the partnership with Power Service.

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