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All Cummins EPA 2017 diesel engine products except the L9™ engine for truck and bus will see a flat $50 increase to cover inflationary increases in the cost of materials. This is not a reflection of product quality issues, as our products continue to perform with exceptional reliability and durability for our on-highway customers.

X15™ and L9 Plan Modifications
In addition to the pricing action, there are some specific changes for both the X15 platform and the L9 engine in 2019:

  • Our confidence in the demonstrated reliability and durability of the EPA 2017 X15 Efficiency Series engine is allowing us to offer two additional terms to Protection Plan I: 5 years/600,000 miles and 5 years/550,000 miles. Your customers will have the security of knowing they are covered against repair costs within a set budget for a full 60-month term with mileage options to meet their specific needs.
  • L9 Truck Engine Extended Coverage prices will drop by as much as 50 percent for 3-year program durations while 4- and 5-year coverage prices will drop up to 26 percent. This price reduction offers significant added value, particularly to customers in the vocational truck markets.

Encore Xtra™ Coverage for 2019
Cummins will continue offering 2-year/200,000-mile Encore Xtra coverage duration in 2019, with following the criteria:

  • Maximum coverage is not to exceed 7 years/750,000 miles. This means that only ISX engines with up to 5-years/550,000-miles accumulated service are eligible for a maximum extended coverage term of 2-years/200,000-miles.
  • Prices for Encore Xtra coverage will be increasing 25 percent across the board for all program terms in 2019.
  • By doing this, Cummins can better manage the performance of the program.
  • As EPA 2010 products fell out of eligibility at the end of 2018, Cummins will be discontinuing their coverage program.

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