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Change is a good thing – when it’s the result of a carefully researched, tested and proven technology. Cummins L9™ engine is a prime example.

In a recent announcement, Cummins has extended the oil drain interval for EPA’13 and EPA’17 L9 engines as well as certain 2010 ISL engines. The change interval has been extended out as much as 35,000 miles (56,000 km) in engines with a horsepower rating between 260 and 350 hp. ISL engines rated at 370-380 hp that average 40 mph in regular use can extend oil drain intervals up to 28,000 miles (44,800 km).

Change intervals for vehicles averaging lower mph are listed in the chart below. Note: For customers who base oil change intervals on time rather than mileage, a 1,000-hour ODI is standard across the board.

To qualify for the extended maintenance interval, each engine must be equipped with an LF14009 lubricating oil filter and use the Cummins OilGuard™ Program.

Some changes are low-tech. Others, like the advantages offered by Cummins Connected Solutions™, are high-tech. The Connected Solutions suite of products covers everything from wireless diagnostics to expert analysis to software updates – all performed using over-the-air technology to increase uptime, performance and reliability.

  • Connected Diagnostics™ uses telematics to continuously monitor and diagnose system fault and failure alerts, sending notifications through a mobile app, e-mail or web portal. If there is ever a performance issue, everyone who needs to know gets the information they need – immediately.
  • Connected Advisor is a reporting tool that filters and prioritizes engine data, delivering solution-based reports with expert recommendations from Cummins via email. This tool allows your customer’s dispatcher and drivers know if it is safe to continue the route without risk of damage.
  • Connected Software Updates eliminates the need for both a vehicle to be brought back to the dealership and an authorized service facility to “flash” an engine control module. Recalibration can be done in only 5 minutes with truck owners getting the latest in performance enhancement or improvements in fuel efficiency.

Lowering operating costs. Increasing productivity. Maximizing uptime. That’s how Cummins continuous improvement process is making a difference for medium-duty truck owners.

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