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Cummins Aftermarket VG Turbo and Electronic Turbo Actuator Warranty Change

An investigation of Cummins aftermarket turbocharger warranty returns has revealed that many replacements are not associated with a product quality issue. As such, Cummins is taking steps to ensure that the proper troubleshooting processes and service tools are used for on-engine diagnosis both to minimize unnecessary replacement and resolve the true cause of the concern.

Effective for sales on or after October 1, 2018, Cummins VG turbos and electronic turbo actuators purchased as an aftermarket part and used in on-highway applications throughout the U.S. and Canada must be diagnosed on-engine by a Cummins authorized or certified repair location to be eligible for warranty coverage.

This does not mean that the warranty coverage is changing – it isn’t. It simply means the diagnosis and verification of an aftermarket turbocharger issue must take place in a Cummins certified/authorized repair location.

We are enacting this change to ensure the best chance of making the right repair for the customer. The requirement for on-engine diagnostics and repair by a certified/authorized repair location will result in higher accuracy since repairs performed by non-certified or unauthorized locations cannot be guaranteed to follow CMI-published troubleshooting (i.e. QSOL) and/or use of CMI-specific service tools (i.e. EDS, INSITE).

The goal is to eliminate unnecessary turbo and actuator replacements, while minimizing overall customer downtime from repeat visits due to misdiagnosed or undiagnosed issues.

This policy change applies to both Cummins Genuine New and ReCon VG turbochargers and electronic turbo actuators purchased as aftermarket parts over the counter.

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