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Cummins Care Escalation Process

Cummins Care has been carefully designed to provide rapid response based on the caller’s individual needs. When you (or your customer) calls 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-684-6467), our goal is to connect you right away with the right person who can address your needs. Cummins Care complements our global service network to offer assistance in the following areas:

  1. Product/service support
  2. Warranty/diagnostic support
  3. Electronic service tool support
  4. Connected Services support

In the event that a technician has a diagnostic or warranty coverage question, the first step is to call Cummins Care. An agent from the Warranty and Diagnostic Support team will ask for the required information to open and track the job. This includes details such as the dealership name, the customer name, equipment and engine data, the fault code that has been triggered, and any performance symptoms the operator has reported. The agent will then walk the caller through the published Warranty and Diagnostic troubleshooting and procedures to ensure that every step has been completed in the proper sequence. In most cases, this will resolve the issue.

In the unlikely event that standard procedures are not successful, the Cummins Care agent will call upon additional expert resources within the organization to perform an advanced level of diagnosis and triage. At this point, the agent may discover an unusual circumstance that would not be readily found using the standard procedure.

Cummins Field Service Engineers (CFSE) solve issues that go beyond normal scrutiny and can’t be resolved at the secondary level. This group of experts will call the servicing facility directly, providing remote assistance, or, if needed, provide on-site help to ensure the customer experiences minimal downtime and a complete resolution to the situation at hand.

At Cummins, we do our best to ensure that no customer experiences unwanted downtime by building the highest quality, most reliable products in the market. We also recognize that despite our best efforts, there will still be situations that require support – and having a system in place to resolve those issues quickly and accurately with minimal downtime is critical to earning and keeping the trust of our loyal customers.

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