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Introducing FleetguardFIT™

For years, customers have had to depend on published maintenance intervals that struggle to account for differences in duty cycle, equipment specifications and work environment. As a result, many customers were changing filters well before they needed to be replaced. This not only increased parts and labor costs unnecessarily − it reduced the revenue-producing availability of the operator’s equipment.

All of that is changing with FleetguardFIT. FIT stands for Filtration Intelligence Technology, an innovative monitoring system that provides access to real-time data and proactive problem detection for fuel, lube and air filters through intelligent sensing and advanced data analytics.

FleetguardFIT, together with genuine Fleetguard filters, is proven to reduce hard costs by up to 55 percent, maintenance time by up to 44 percent and unplanned downtime by up to 15 percent in heavy-duty commercial trucking applications. Similar savings can be achieved in any on- or off-highway vehicle equipped with telematics.

A portal site allows managers to view this data using advanced analytics, flagging key indicators and providing status alerts. The same information can be viewed on mobile devices. Your customers will know exactly how many miles or hours remain until service is needed, so maintenance can be scheduled as required.

FleetguardFIT is designed to work with a multitude of engines and applications, and is not limited to Cummins engines. It is ideal for mixed fleet customers with multiple types of equipment.

For more on how FleetguardFIT can transform your customers’ total cost of ownership, visit

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