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Cummins X15™: Excellence From Day One

There are many ways to measure initial quality. But by far, the most meaningful for many of your customers is the amount of downtime for unplanned maintenance.

Incredibly, Cummins X15 engines achieved zero downtime for service over the first six months of ownership not just for a select handful of low-mileage trucks, but for 94 percent of the 40,000+ commercial vehicles on the road today. This is a full seven percent better than when we launched the 2013 ISX15, which was considered one of the most successful new product launches in Cummins history.

ISX15 2013 and 2017 Percent Zero Touch Warranty, Ext Cov, Emissions

These results do more than just validate the quality and reliability of the product − they demonstrate the value of having nine million test miles on the books before the X15 was launched to the public.

At Cummins, we understand that no matter how much we improve fuel economy (up to 20 percent better than the EPA 2010 ISX15), the cost of even a single day of unplanned downtime with service labor and the loss of operating revenue could wipe out those financial gains at the pump. We listened to customers and made improvements that prioritize reliability over everything else.

A high priority for Cummins engineers was to maximize equipment availability and profitability by extending maintenance intervals. That’s why the X15 comes with a 50,000-mile oil and oil filter change interval in its base package − with an 80,000-mile interval available to customers using Cummins OilGuard™.

DPF maintenance has been extended as well, with maintenance intervals increased to a 600,000- to 800,000-mile range. Depending on the customers’ trade cycle, many new truck buyers will never even have to schedule this service.

It is anticipated that these improvements will result in a cost reduction of up to 40 percent over the first 500,000 miles, compared to the EPA 2010 ISX15.

That’s before you factor in the three percent gain in fuel economy over the 2016 product, which translates into tens of thousands of dollars saved in fuel costs thanks to improvements in the base engine and advanced ADEPT™ technology including SmartCoast™ and Predictive Cruise Control (PCC). No other heavy-duty engine comes close to matching the X15 Efficiency Series with the lowest total cost of operation in the industry.

Of course, the X15 Performance Series also boasts several impressive characteristics ­– including the most powerful engine brake in its class and available torque up to 2050 lb-ft.

As remarkable as these facts are, you can count on Cummins engineers to keep pushing the envelope of continuous improvement. Because that’s what is required to lead in a world that’s Always On.

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