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11.21 MPG – Real-World Results for Sharp Transport

Working closely with the staff at Cumberland International of Nashville, Tennessee, driver David Gootch of Sharp Transport didn’t just beat the 10 mpg barrier – he blew it away with real-world results of 11.21 miles per gallon.

This remarkable fuel economy was achieved by an International LT powered by a SmartAdvantage Powertrain featuring Cummins X15 engine, with 6×2 drive axles, wide-single tires and a full aerodynamics trim.

Gootch paid special attention to optimizing his use of cruise control, staying in top gear 89 percent of the time. The average fuel economy in top gear was a remarkable 12.34 mpg during the final interval. Average vehicle speed for the trip was 54.37 mph. This was achieved without any “out of gear” coasting. Gootch’s truck is part of Cumberland International’s most recent phase of what they call their C10 project, which puts emphasis of performance not just on horsepower, but also on fuel economy. These fuel economy numbers prove that 10-plus-mpg trucks are not only possible – they are operating on the road today.

Telematics showed that his average rpm for the run was 1067. This wasn’t just a brief trip to the grocery store, either. This was real-world driving on a “test track” that spanned 10 states and 5,599 miles.

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine has been following this story since its inception. You can read more about David Gootch’s remarkable run here. For more on the X15 SmartAdvantage Powertrain visit

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