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ADEPT™ – The High-Tech Road to Success

The next wave in trucking technology will take us into a dimension where trucks “see” the road ahead and “sense” everything from the gross cargo weight being carried to upcoming inclines. All the while modulating road speed and fueling to maximize fuel efficiency in order to minimize your operating costs.

Three leading-edge examples of electronic features that improve fuel efficiency are available for you now in Cummins ADEPT suite of engine features: SmartTorque2, SmartCoast and Predictive Cruise Control. Cummins X15™ Efficiency Series engine with ADEPT features activated can achieve up to 6 percent better fuel efficiency when combined with an automated manual transmission in your commercial vehicle. A good example is the SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain, which combines the X15 with an Eaton Fuller Advantage™ 10-speed AMT.

Here’s a quick overview of these innovative electronic features:

SmartTorque2 is the latest generation of torque management technology from Cummins. It senses both the selected gear and overall engine load as a result of gross vehicle weight, aerodynamic drag and road grade. As these conditions vary, it determines the amount of torque needed to maintain road speed and eliminate unnecessary downshifts, keeping your engine operating in the “sweet spot” to ensure steady operation and the best fuel economy. With the X15 Efficiency Series, peak torque is available at 1000 rpm so you can cruise at lower engine speeds and still get the torque and power needed to match real-time load demands.

SmartCoast operates when cruise control is enabled and the truck is coasting downhill (up to 5 percent grade). On moderate hills, the driveline is neutralized and the engine returns to idle speeds, using gravity and vehicle momentum to improve fuel economy.

Predictive Cruise Control enhances the capabilities of SmartCoast by “seeing” the road two kilometers ahead using GPS positioning and the onboard mapping database to dynamically adjust speed and torque in advance of changes in terrain. Predictive Cruise Control allows you to slightly build speed as you approach the base of a hill and start an ascent. Then, as you approach the top of a hill, Predictive Cruise Control rolls out of the throttle at the precise moment that vehicle momentum will crest the hill while maintaining road speed. Predictive Cruise Control helps make every driver as efficient as the most seasoned professional.

Watch the ADEPT video below to see how it works:

ADEPT Compatibility With Older Model ISX15 Engines
ADEPT is available for Cummins 2013 and newer ISX15 engines rated at 400 hp to 475 hp that are mated to an automated manual transmission. This upgrade has the potential to increase fuel economy by as much as 5 percent. You can add Predictive Cruise Control with Cummins proprietary Route Parameter Manager Kit, which contains the GPS mapping element. Once the kit is installed, a simple recalibration will activate the full suite of ADEPT technologies including SmartTorque2 and SmartCoast.

For more information, download the ADEPT Aftermarket Kit for ISX15 Engines brochure.

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