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PTO – Power to Optimize Productivity for Your Customers

In the earliest days of the diesel engine, farmers would take the wheels off of a tractor and re-purpose them to run conveyor belts, saws or virtually anything that they could connect with pulleys and belts.

Today, the Power Take-Off (PTO) engine option uses a combination of gears and shafts to provide the rotational force necessary to drive secondary applications, even when sitting at idle. Here are some common PTO uses that could apply for your customers:

  • Powering a blower system used to move dry materials such as cement
  • Raising a dump truck bed
  • Operating the mechanical arm on a bucket truck used by electrical maintenance personnel or Cable TV maintenance crews
  • Operating a winch on a tow truck
  • Operating the compactor on a garbage truck
  • Running a water pump on a fire engine or water truck
  • Running a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine for carpet cleaning (driving vacuum blower and high-pressure solution pumps)
  • Operating a boom/grapple truck

Cummins offers both Front Engine Power Take Off (FEPTO) and Rear Engine Power Take Off (REPTO) versions of this technology. The REPTO configuration eliminates the need for a front-mounted or transmission-mounted power takeoff, which simplifies the design requirements and modifications needed for the charge air cooler and radiator.

The Cummins REPTO design on our L9™ and ISL G engines is integrated into the engine flywheel housing, with an outboard flange mated to the desired accessory drive via a four-bolt connection. The diesel version of this design is capable of 435 lb-ft of continuous torque, with a maximum intermittent torque rating of 520 lb-ft. A modified version is available for natural gas engines in the same power range.

The REPTO unit on ISX12 engines is capable of 466 lb-ft of continuous torque, and delivers up to 520 lb-ft in intermittent use as long as the average load does not exceed 60 minutes without interruption. The output for REPTO on 2018 X12™ engines will be virtually identical to that of the ISX12 in continuous use and maximum intermittent torque ratings.

The key to providing superior satisfaction with REPTO is minimizing gear rattle and noise, which typically occur when driving centrifugal pumps, pulleys or electric clutches with inertias at higher speeds. When spec’ing a PTO for these types of applications, your customers should consider adding a damper or coupling device.

To learn more, visit or access Cummins PowerSpec.

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