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Cummins X15.™ Two Engines. One Goal

At Cummins, our goal is to optimize vehicle performance to your customers’ specific objectives. So in 2017, we are offering two variations of the X15 platform: the X15 Efficiency Series and the X15 Performance Series. Ensuring that the vehicle your customer purchases has an engine perfectly spec’d for the duty-cycle and application is a great way to make them a loyal customer.

The X15 Efficiency Series engine has been engineered to deliver superior fuel economy and a low total cost of ownership. A range from 400 hp to 500 hp, together with a torque range from 1450 to 1850 lb-ft, gives you the flexibility to match the power needs of your customers to their gross combined vehicle weight (GCVW), terrain and driving preferences. Recent technology advancements have proven to deliver up to 20 percent better fuel economy over that of model-year 2010 ISX15 engines.

The X15 Performance Series delivers exceptional acceleration and pulling power for the most demanding duty cycles and routes. It can be spec’d from 485 hp to 605 hp, with up to 2050 lb-ft of peak torque, and with the most powerful engine brake in the industry, the X15 Performance Series delivers increased braking power where customers need it most – in the 1300- to 1700-rpm range.


So how else does the X15 Performance Series differ from the X15 Efficiency Series?

  • The pistons have a compression ratio of 17.2:1, with improved power density and altitude performance
  • Piston-cooling nozzles (PCNs) are optimized, for higher performance
  • High-temperature exhaust valves and an optimized brake cam increase reliability and stopping power in severe-duty applications
  • A high-flow turbo compressor enables superior throttle response
  • A high-flow Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler enhances reliability and durability
  • A next-generation fuel pump has a modular, serviceable design
  • The lube pump and water pump are optimized to match other high-performance components
  • The Single Module™ aftertreatment system is slightly larger, with a higher ash capacity

Both X15 engines feature an optimized cam profile and a more efficient turbocharger, for improved engine breathing and combustion. Emissions on both platforms are handled by the revolutionary new Cummins Single Module aftertreatment system, which offers better thermal utilization, fewer regenerations and increased fuel economy, along with being up to 40 percent lighter and 60 percent smaller.

Either engine can be uprated within its rating range with just a calibration, but because of the significant differences, an X15 Efficiency Series can’t be upgraded to an X15 Performance Series. Therefore it is critical to select the right engine series and rating during the spec’ing process.

Both engines come with a 2-year/250,000-mile base warranty. Extended coverage, including Protection Plan I, Protection Plan II, a major-components plan and aftertreatment coverage, are available with different pricing for the two X15 engines.

For more details on the X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series engines, check out

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