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Cummins Announces B6.7™ and L9™ Compatibility With Select Renewable Diesel Fuels

After an 18-month field trial, Cummins has announced compatibility with paraffinic diesel fuels meeting EN 15940 standards, a significant step forward in reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint in B6.7 and L9 powered applications ranging from step-vans and medium-duty trucks to refuse haulers and cement mixers. The approval of paraffinic diesel fuels is applicable for current and vintage B-Series, C-Series and L-Series engines. Paraffinic diesel allows your customers to minimize their emissions-based footprints without additional capital investment.

Paraffinic diesel fuels offer the potential to reduce (GHG) emissions by 40 percent to 90 percent over the total life cycle of a vehicle compared with conventional diesel fuel. They can be used as a 100 percent substitute for standard EN 590 or ASTM D975 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) with no change to the Cummins engine. Paraffinic diesel fuel can also be blended with standard diesel fuel at varying percentages, including winter-grade fuels, and has the same stability and cold properties as conventional diesel, so it can be used and stored in the same ways.

The 18-month field trial demonstrated that engine and aftertreatment performance remained stable and consistent when using the paraffinic diesel fuel compared to standard diesel fuel. Depending on vehicle application and duty cycle, a slight reduction in fuel economy may be seen due to the lower density of paraffinic diesel compared with regular diesel fuel. No additional engine maintenance is required when using paraffinic diesel fuel and the same fuel filters are retained.

All paraffinic fuels must be sourced from high-purity suppliers meeting EN 15940 to ensure that the fuel contains the necessary lubricity additive for use in diesel engines.

Other Cummins engine platforms are undergoing similar validation plans, and Cummins will announce the results of those studies throughout 2017.

For more information, check out Cummins press release covering the approval of paraffinic diesel fuel in greater detail.

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