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The Ideal MidRange Engine for Your Customer to Spec

Whether your customer is running a pickup-and-delivery (P&D) operation in a city, hauling dirt and mulch with a dump truck or distributing newspapers to the suburbs, there’s a Cummins MidRange engine engineered specifically for every duty cycle and application. Choosing the right engine with the right power rating is important to delivering the optimum balance of performance, fuel economy and uptime over the long run.

If your customer is running a P&D operation with a gross combined vehicle weight (GCVW) of 33,000 lb or less, they should probably spec a Cummins B6.7.™ The B6.7 is available with two different sets of ratings for 2017, including performance ratings from 280 hp to 325 hp with 660-750 lb-ft peak torque, and efficiency ratings from 200 hp to 260 hp and 520-660 lb-ft of peak torque. While most major components are similar, there are significant differences in the turbocharger, pistons, fuel injectors and damper among engine families. The Single Module™ aftertreatment is also sized appropriately to match the output of each ratings range, so getting the right spec the first time around is crucial.

The 2017 B6.7 gets significantly better fuel economy than that of just four years ago. Performance ratings are seeing 5 percent better fuel economy on average, and efficiency ratings are seeing up to 8.5 percent better fuel economy on average. Additionally, Stop-Start technology delivers an average improvement of 7 percent better fuel economy for customers in frequent stop-and-go applications.

While the B6.7 can be used in select applications at up to 52,000 lb, most commercial trucks carrying between 33,000 lb and 66,000 lb GCVW should be spec’d with the Cummins L9™ engine for 2017. It can be spec’d up to 80,000 lb GCVW in select applications. Performance ratings deliver from 370 hp to 380 hp with up to 1250 lb-ft of peak torque, and productivity ratings run from 260 hp to 350 hp with 720-1150 lb-ft of peak torque. The 575 lb-ft of clutch engagement torque gives L9-powered trucks strong low-end pulling power for working muddy construction sites, landfills and hilly terrain. With a proven track record of exceptional performance in applications ranging from vocational vehicles to local linehaul operations, the L9 gets the job done.

Performance ratings for the L9 engine have a more robust piston package and turbocharger, along with a specific damper and higher-capacity Single Module™ aftertreatment system compared with productivity ratings.

Getting the right MidRange engine with the correct spec will optimize results for your customers, delivering higher productivity and uptime with the lowest possible cost of operation. Plus, the B6.7 and L9 engines offer unsurpassed durability and resale value.

For more, visit To select the right rating and gearing, check Cummins PowerSpec.

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