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Cummins X15™ Lowers Costs, Raises Driver Satisfaction for Savage Services

Savage Services is a transportation, supply chain and industrial services company with 200 locations and 1,000 Class 8 trucks moving in excess of 100 million tons of materials per year. It provides comprehensive services including trucking, rail and even commercial marine operations to power plants, coal mining operations, refineries and chemical companies.

The Savage family operation has a long history with Cummins that extends over 60 years. Recently, they have been running ISX15 engines rated at 485-hp and some 550-hp ISX15 engines in their fleet. But last year they tested the 2017 X15 Efficiency Series and X15 Performance Series engines to see the difference the new engine platform could make on productivity and performance. The X15 did not disappoint, and Savage has seen significant improvements in virtually every critical measure.

Fuel economy is up by about 4 percent with the X15 Performance Series engine, and more than 5 percent with the X15 Efficiency Series over the previous ISX15 engines they had been running. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption has been reduced by 15 percent with the X15 Performance Series engine, and 23 percent with the X15 Efficiency Series engine. And downtime has been almost nonexistent over the first 160,000 miles of operation.

Ensuring driver satisfaction is critical to retention for Savage. Savage’s drivers have been highly impressed with the driveability and performance of these engines, noting how the increased low-end torque improves driveability going up the steep grades of the Wasatch Mountain range in Utah, while improved engine braking is quieter and stronger on the downhill side.

John Savage, Executive Vice President of Savage Services, noted that “the uptime has been exceptional,” something he attributes to Cummins being progressive when it comes to reliability and innovation. He went on to state that in 2017, the company “looks forward to putting these engines to work in bigger numbers.”

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