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Genuine Cummins Value, Genuine Cummins Parts

Customers know that one of the best reasons to buy Cummins-powered equipment is the confidence provided by our broad parts and service network. And the best way to keep that equipment operating at peak performance and efficiency is by using only Genuine Cummins new and ReCon® parts. Educating your customers on the difference between genuine and non-genuine parts is the most convincing way to ensure that they stay genuine, and stay on the road.

Cummins has developed educational materials that demonstrate the superior value of these parts in brochures and video case studies. These materials show how the extra investment in Genuine Cummins parts pays huge dividends in terms of equipment uptime, fuel efficiency, productivity and durability. We openly compare the quality of materials and workmanship in non-genuine parts, imitation parts and counterfeit parts in detail, from pistons and liners to rod bearings, injectors to turbochargers, water pumps, fuel pumps and even Electronic Control Modules (ECMs).

For example, our test data shows that Cummins pistons are 31 percent stronger than the non-genuine product due to metallurgic technology. Our cylinder liners are 10 percent harder, with 65 percent more nickel and copper, which reduces the risk of combustion gas leakage and reduced engine performance. Our connecting rod bearings are constructed of six layers versus three, which results in better durability and reliability under extreme operating conditions. Cummins confidence in parts also shows up in our warranty. Our parts come with a comprehensive warranty covering 100 percent parts, labor, progressive damage and consumables, all with no deductible. And it’s honored at over 3,500 authorized locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For your customers who intend to keep their Cummins-powered equipment running for the long haul, we recommend sharing our There Is A Difference brochure and visiting for more reasons to stay genuine with Cummins.

Cost-conscious customers who are interested in a more affordable solution might be interested in our ReCon® – Products You Can Depend On brochure, which covers everything from injectors and turbochargers to short blocks and complete engines. Suppliers who repair or rebuild components simply can’t come close to the proven quality and precision workmanship that comes from our rigorous Cummins ReCon remanufacturing process.

To learn more about Cummins ReCon engines and parts visit

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