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X15™ Performance Series Hauls 600,000 lb While Improving Fuel Economy and Maximizing Uptime

Steve Sharp Transportation specializes in overdimensional, heavy hauling, removable goose neck (RGN), lowboy, drop-deck and flatbed freight. Based out of Cokeville, Wyoming, it provides servicing to the lower 48 United States and Canada, hauling a number of challenging loads, such as giant wind turbine blades.

The Steve Sharp fleet is 100 percent Cummins-powered, so when Cummins approached the company about testing a 2017 X15 Performance Series engine on its most severe application, Steve Sharp was on board. And by severe, we’re talking a dualing trailer with a push/pull setup, geared to pull loads in excess of 600,000 lb.

The company has always been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the Cummins 550-hp ISX15 engines in their fleet of trucks, with absolute minimum downtime helping the fleet achieve its on-time goals. So they were more than willing to put a 605-hp 2017 X15 Performance Series engine to the test. The results surprised even the most vocal Cummins fans in the Steve Sharp fleet:

  • Fuel economy up 1 mpg over that of the ISX15
  • Zero downtime, with a few minor sensor issues handled remotely and the truck never having to go into the shop
  • The broader torque curve allowed the truck to maintain speed even over long, steep grades, with fewer downshifts
  • Drivers’ ability to descend 6 percent grades and maintain total control without ever touching the service brakes, thanks to the most powerful engine brake in the industry, with 600 bhp at 2100 hp

If the Cummins X15 can haul 600,000 lb with this kind of performance, just imagine what it can do for your customers with a conventional 80,000-lb gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Cummins is focused on meeting the objectives of our customers by offering both the X15 Performance Series (485 hp to 605 hp) and the X15 Efficiency Series (400 hp to 500 hp). Whether the goal is hauling the maximum payload or achieving maximum fuel efficiency, there’s an X15 that’s right for each customer. See for more information on Cummins 2017 X15.

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