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What’s Trending: Cummins B6.7™

In the November issue of SuccessLine, we discussed the incredible durability and dependability of the B6.7, and how recent product improvements have allowed us to increase its base warranty coverage to 3 years/unlimited mileage. But there’s a lot more to this success story. Significant upgrades, modifications and new features on the B6.7 take what’s already the most popular medium-duty engine in North America and make it even better, by increasing both fuel economy and performance.

The efficiency ratings (200 hp to 260 hp) of the 2017 B6.7 get an average of 8.5 percent better fuel efficiency than comparable model year 2013-2016 ISB6.7 ratings, with some duty cycles seeing improvements of up to 13 percent. B6.7 performance ratings (280 hp to 325 hp) likewise showed an improvement of 5 percent better fuel economy than that of similar model year 2013-2016 ISB6.7 ratings on average, with some duty cycles showing as much as an 11 percent increase.

That doesn’t even take into account the potential fuel savings that can be achieved on B6.7-powered vehicles equipped with our new Stop-Start technology. Pickup-and-delivery trucks, urban transit buses, school buses and refuse trucks that experience significant idle time will see an additional 3 percent to 15 percent reduction in fuel use. Stop-Start technology can also improve the longevity of the engine, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, lower noise pollution and increase driver productivity, as shown on the graphic below.


A video showing how Cummins innovative Start-Stop technology works can be seen on the Cummins YouTube® channel. For additional information on the engine, check out the B6.7 brochure.

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