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Streamlining Service With Cummins Guidanz™ Mobile App and INLINE™ Mini Adapter

At the 2017 Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee, Cummins revealed a new mobile app that harnesses advanced algorithms and cloud computing technology to improve the overall service experience of customers. The Guidanz mobile app allows customers to quickly read fault codes and other key information on 2007 and newer engines, as detailed in the prior issue of SuccessLine.

Customers can view prioritized engine faults using the Guidanz mobile app paired with an INLINE mini Bluetooth® adapter, which provides critical information they can quickly share with their operations manager or service providers. Even when not connected to the internet, Guidanz can provide a list of engine faults to the customer. By either emailing the operations manager directly from the app or by calling Cummins Care, initiating the service process is now faster and easier than ever. The app also links customers to an online service locator to identify the closest certified repair location and help them get their truck back on the road with minimum downtime.

The Guidanz mobile app also offers the Immediate Assessment feature to certified service providers. Immediate Assessment enables Cummins-certified service providers to improve shop scheduling. When a customer pulls into the service area, a service provider can use the Guidanz mobile app together with INLINE 7 in Bluetooth mode to obtain a full fault code report. Or the user can use the app with the new Bluetooth-enabled INLINE mini adapter, which features a nine-pin connector that plugs directly into the standard SAE J1939-13 diagnostic connector. This technology allows service advisors or customers to quickly retrieve engine information using a Bluetooth-equipped iOS® or Android® smartphone or tablet. When used together with the Immediate Assessment feature, service advisors can obtain prioritized fault codes and information about how quickly issues can be resolved.

The Immediate Assessment feature provides repair time estimates, identifies the most likely repair parts and enables a work order to be started before the vehicle even enters the service bay. Identifying the parts most likely to be needed allows service providers to better manage their repair parts inventory, and improves customer uptime. Service foremen can also leverage Immediate Assessment information when scheduling technicians and bays. Using service labor estimate data and most likely repair parts, foreman can balance the workload for technicians, get a better sense of the tools needed for the job, determine the skillset required for the repair and assign the job accordingly.

The Guidanz mobile app with Immediate Assessment feature, paired with the INLINE mini Bluetooth adapter, provides best-in-class service triage capability in a matter of minutes, for a process that at a busy shop could take hours. According to the dealers currently piloting Immediate Assessment, the top benefits being realized are:

  • Improved customer communications due to the quick evaluation of situations and capability to accurately set expectations
  • The ability to map jobs to specific employees and technicians
  • Improved service writer/advisor confidence and competence
  • Quick identification of issues as related to either the chassis or the engine
  • Frees up an expert technician from the triage process to focus on more appropriate work
  • Easier and faster work order write-up
  • More efficient service bay utilization

The Guidanz mobile app, including the Immediate Assessment feature, will be available in April of 2017. It works on iOS and Android® platforms, and can be downloaded for free at the Apple® App Store® or Google Play.™ The INLINE mini is now available from Cummins as Part Number 529990900. Once launched, Immediate Assessment will be available for purchase through Cummins-authorized channels.

To learn more about how Guidanz makes workflow more accurate and efficient by combining multiple programs into a single operating system, check out the Successline February issue or view the new Guidanz video on the Cummins YouTube® channel. While you are on the Cummins YouTube channel, be sure to check out the Immediate Assessment video as well.

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