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Streamlined System for Service – Cummins Guidanz™

Guidanz is Cummins new and evolving suite of software products, features and capabilities. The cornerstone of Guidanz is the modern and easy-to-use web application previously referred to as Cummins Service System (CSS), which provides a guided workflow, process automation and a common user interface for Cummins multiple service systems. Guidanz combines diagnostics from Expert Diagnostic System (EDS), service information from QuickServe® Online (QSOL), pulled and prioritized fault codes from INSITE™ and claim filing into one system.

But Guidanz is not just a name change for streamlining those back-office systems in CSS. In time, Guidanz will simplify and streamline every aspect of the Cummins service provider experience, from initial customer contact through warranty processing. Training, diagnostics, repair plan creation, service instructions, warranty and policy claims filing, metrics, performance feedback and more will all be available on the integrated and reliable Guidanz system.

The Guidanz suite of features, delivered via web and mobile platforms, was designed by actual users, and will improve the experience and productivity of certified service providers through its seamless, end-to-end guided workflow. Users will quickly notice this through enhancements such as a single sign-on, intuitive navigation and the reduced rekeying of information.

Another significant feature within Guidanz on the web includes cloud-based service history based on the Engine Serial Number (ESN),showing telematics alerts and related service jobs highlighted as recent visits for repairs within the last 30 days, or repeat visits for recurring problems. Service advisors will be prompted when campaigns are active, and may easily review applicable Temporary Repair Practices (TRPs) and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

Guidanz will integrate and evolve over time, providing ever-increasing levels of features and capabilities. It is designed to be platform-independent and device-agnostic, so it will work across various mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones and PCs.

The first of the feature enhancements will take place in April of this year, with the release of the Guidanz mobile app. It will enable Bluetooth® Electronic Control Module (ECM) connectivity for the retrieval and prioritization of fault codes. Together with a new INLINE™ mini and Immediate Assessment feature, the Guidanz mobile app will allow service advisors to perform cabside repair estimates in just a few minutes. That will provide your customers the opportunity for enhanced service scheduling and appointment planning at their convenience.

By continuously delivering enhanced diagnostics capabilities and automated warranty processing and adjudication, Guidanz will help ensure that Cummins remains the first choice in customer service and repair.

There is more to come on Guidanz, with exciting new mobile features to be further detailed in next month’s SuccessLine. You can also learn more by viewing the below video:

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