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PowerSpec 6.2

PowerSpec 6.2 contains a number of important updates and improvements that will make your job much easier and help you achieve higher satisfaction ratings with your customers.

The most obvious update to the system is the conversion to our new 2017 engine nomenclature, including differentiators. For instance, when you are looking at trip report information, the X15™ Efficiency Series or X15 Performance Series name will be listed under “Engine Type,” making it easier to see which X15 your customer is driving.

Previous versions of PowerSpec had multiple listings for the same Allison® transmissions, leading to some confusion. These duplications have been eliminated.

The instructions for various functions have been further clarified. For instance, during the transfer of a feature spec to an engine, an on-screen prompt reminding the service technician that the engine must be off in order for the upload to take place will appear on the user’s screen. This will ensure a successful transfer.

The Predictive Cruise Control (PCC) feature, which is standard on the 2017 X15 Efficiency Series, is now available as an aftermarket upfit kit for 2013 and newer ISX15 engines. It can be set to specific customer-designated values governing the amount of additional speed a vehicle can gain going downhill, or allowable decrease on an uphill slope. These are listed as “positive offset” and “negative offset.” Cummins recommends that 3 mph be used as the standard offset settings, which will provide the optimum fuel economy gain (3 percent) while maintaining driver-pleasing performance without a noticeable drop in their average road speed. To optimize PCC settings on first-fit modules, please consult the vehicle’s PCC parameters.

In addition, PowerSpec 6.2 provides new functionality for your customers who might want or need to perform stationary regenerations while using an engine with Power Take-Off (PTO) activated. Settings to activate this can be found under “Asset Utilization.”

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