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New Engine Naming for 2017

Cummins North American on-highway products for 2017 are designed to deliver higher efficiency and reliability, and stronger performance. No longer are they defined by emissions, but inspired by customers and application needs.

With this shift in focus, Cummins has introduced a fresh approach to engine branding for EPA 2017 on-highway engines in North America. The biggest change you will notice is that we’re eliminating the “IS” prefix. This prefix was an abbreviation for the Interact System, which over the years had become synonymous with Cummins on-highway products. The new engine names will continue to use a letter to denote the engine series, coupled with the liter displacement. In some cases, this will be followed by a descriptive word or two to highlight market-specific technology or features.

Using series letters in our engine names has been part of the formula for many years. In fact, Cummins first introduced its “F” series engine in 1924. The updated engine naming lets us give a nod to our heritage while looking forward with our next-generation products.

Here’s how you’ll see the Cummins diesel engine names for North America:

2016 Model Year 2017 Model Year 2018 Model Year
ISV5.0 V5.0™ V5.0
ISB6.7 B6.7™ B6.7
ISL9 L9™ L9
N/A N/A X12™
ISX15 X15™ X15

Please note that we will have both ISX12 and X12 engines in the field in 2018 when the new upgrade in platform technology takes place, but the product names aren’t interchangeable.

The naming structure for our natural gas engines will not change in 2017. We will continue to offer the ISB6.7 G, the ISL G and the ISX12 G, as we currently do.

Having a streamlined product-naming strategy makes it simpler and easier for customers who for years have used the platform letter and liter designation alone when referring to Cummins engines. The addition of a descriptor for the X15 appeals to specific customer needs, and helps position our products in a more competitive manner with your customers.

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