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ISB6.7 G – Success From the Start

Cities and municipalities have been looking to diminish their carbon footprint. Many private fleets utilizing medium-duty trucks are looking to do the same. Based on the B6.7™ diesel platform and introduced in 2016, the ISB6.7 G natural gas engine offers 80 percent parts commonality with the B6.7, along with proven combustion technology, maintenance-free aftertreatment, low emissions and reliable performance.

This platform combines the best of all worlds. It shares the strength and durability of major components such as the block, crankshaft and camshaft with its B6.7 diesel counterpart. Added to that is the Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (SEGR) combustion and coil-on-plug ignition systems from the proven ISL G and ISX12 G natural gas engines.

The inherent cleanliness of natural gas fueling with an optimized combustion system also allows for the use of a maintenance-free Three-Way catalyst (TWC). This combination delivers significant emissions reductions. The ISB6.7 G is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/Air Resources Board (ARB) Optional Low-Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)-certified at 0.1 g/bhp-hr, which is 50 percent lower than the EPA standard.

Launch ratings range from 200 hp to 240 hp with 520 to 560 lb-ft of peak torque. The ISB6.7 G operates on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or renewable natural gas (RNG) that meets Cummins fuel specifications. Natural gas is a good option for customers operating within an area in which the return-to-base nature of their operation allows them to use fleet-owned or publicly available natural gas fueling infrastructure. The ISB6.7 G allows the MidRange customer to take advantage of the most cost-effective overall solution with the benefit of a low-emissions natural gas engine that has proven performance, reliability and durability.

This is a segment of the market that Cummins currently dominates, and we fully expect it to continue to grow in the years ahead. To learn more about how the ISB6.7 G can benefit your customers, visit or

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