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The Right Engine for the Job

Cummins deep understanding of our customers’ applications and operations has led to the offering of two different versions of the X15™ engine for 2017: the Efficiency Series and the Performance Series. Each engine series is optimized for the job, with substantial differences in terms of components and calibrations.

The Efficiency Series ratings are optimized for line-haul applications typically running an average of 120,000 miles per year, predominantly operating on highways, where fuel economy is the single most important factor. With a governed speed of just 1800 rpm, and the advantage of the big-bore architecture, Cummins engineers optimized the combustion cycle to achieve the highest compression ratio in the industry, and improve thermal efficiency, which is evident by significantly cooler turbine outlet temperatures.

But in a vocational vehicle that typically runs lower speeds and fewer miles with a significant amount of idle time, the lower turbine outlet temperature can lead to frequent Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) active regenerations. These active regenerations, when incomplete, could result in exhaust restriction at the aftertreatment inlet (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst face-plugging). But innovation from Cummins engineers has resulted in the development of a temporary engine combustion called Passive Desoot Assist, which eliminates the face-plugging risk and enables the Efficiency Series to operate in vocational applications with a minor trade-off in fuel economy.

To achieve the best operational efficiency, it is important to select the engine series and horsepower rating that best works under enough load with the driveline of preference to provide exhaust temperatures for aftertreatment to passively regenerate most of the time. That is why it is highly recommended to specify a Performance Series engine when spec’ing a mixer, dump truck or other severe-duty vocational vehicle powered by an X15 – even more so when selecting a wide-step-ratio automatic transmission with six to eight gears, which will benefit from the higher governed speed of 2000 rpm and 2100 rpm.

In determining the right engine for the job, it is critical to understand customers’ needs and operational goals. Cummins PowerSpec has been updated and programmed to assist you in making the right selection, every time.

This graph illustrates the power and torque ranges of the X15 Efficiency Series and X15 Performance Series engines. Optimized performance with no compromises provides the pulling power and driveability that get the job done efficiently.



See for details on engine spec’ing or download the X15 Performance Series brochure to learn more about this engine.

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