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Guesswork’s Gone With OilGuard™

For years, fleets and owner-operators have questioned whether one-size-fits-all oil-drain intervals really make sense, especially when one fleet might be hauling a full load across the mountains while another is running a partial load across the plains at 55 mph. Now, with Cummins OilGuard program, we are using engine oil analysis and engine performance data to safely optimize oil-drain intervals, minimize vehicle downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize the residual value of participating fleets – in other words, lowering the total cost of ownership for your customers.

Here’s how the OilGuard program works: There’s an initial assessment of maintenance practices during a site audit. INSITE™ or Electronic Control Module (ECM) data will be used to develop your customers’ fleet duty cycle performance profile. A percentage of the fleet representing the duty cycle and environmental variations will be chosen for testing purposes, with regular monitoring of performance data and oil samples. How frequently the samples are pulled varies by the desired oil-drain interval (ODI). For instance, customers seeking to optimize drain intervals to 80,000 miles will need to submit samples every 10,000 miles.

Regular collection of oil samples will need to take place over two complete drain cycles, which provides a sufficient time frame to cover seasonal changes and any fleet adjustments in routes or drivers. Once the testing phase is complete and used oil analysis determines that the fleet is capable of a longer oil-drain interval, Cummins will approve an optimized drain interval for the entire 2017 X15™ fleet within the same duty cycle as the test fleet. This optimized drain interval will be a part of the required maintenance for warranty coverage. Periodically, your customer will be asked to perform the fleet profile assessment again to ensure that no changes in operation have taken place that might impact the approved oil drain interval.

For information about the Cummins OilGuard program contact your local Cummins distributor.

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