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Customers Drive Change in 2017 Extended Coverage Plans

Listening to customers has resulted in modifications to Cummins extended warranty packages across many of our on-highway markets, with additional components being added, and simplified offerings for customers purchasing vehicles powered by our 2017 engines.

Truck Market – Diesel Engines

Pricing and coverage options will be different for the X15™ Performance Series and X15™ Efficiency Series due to the differences in operating technology and duty cycles. But regardless of engine model, Protection Plans 1 and 2 will now include options with Travel Protection.

Customers with X15 Efficiency Series engines will now be able to purchase Plan 1 for a 6 year period with a choice of 250,000 mile, 500,000 mile or 600,000 mile thresholds. The new 500-hp rating will be offered at similar pricing to the lower hp ratings.

Customers with X15 Performance Series engines also receive the benefit of the additional components in Cummins extended warranty packages and Travel Protection options.

ISX12 customers will get a price break in 2017, with significantly lower pricing for vocational applications and the largest price reductions in the most popular plan durations. These durations include 5 year/200,000 mile Protection Plan 1 coverage and 7 year/250,000 mile Protection Plan 2 coverage.

There will be no modifications in pricing or coverage options for L9™ customers.

Buyers of B6.7™-powered trucks will now be able to purchase extended coverage for 6 years/150,000 miles or 6 years/200,000 miles. Pricing has been revised to reflect Cummins total confidence in the reliability and durability of this engine platform.

Additional engine components covered under Protection Plan 1 include the engine harness, flywheel and front gear housing. The water pump, flywheel and front gear housing are now included in both Protection Plan 2 and Major Components coverage. This is just another example of Cummins adding value for your customers.

Aftertreatment coverage continues to be available with pricing and durations that more closely parallel the duty cycles for each engine, meaning that there will be separate pricing for the X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series engines, as well as separate pricing for the ISX12. Protection Plan 1 coverage is still a prerequisite for purchase of aftertreatment coverage for heavy-duty engines. The maximum term for aftertreatment coverage is 5 years/500,000 miles, even if 6 year/600,000 mile engine coverage is purchased).

Customers with B6.7-powered or L9-powered medium-duty trucks will be able to purchase aftertreatment coverage for up to 5 years/300,000 miles – again, subject to having Protection Plan 1 engine coverage for the same term. Customers will not be able to purchase aftertreatment coverage that has a longer duration than their Protection Plan 1 coverage.

Truck Market – Natural Gas Engines

The ISL G™ will have lower pricing on all extended coverage offerings, with lower pricing on many coverage offerings for the ISX12 G. The same mileage/term options will continue to be offered for 2017.

Fire and Emergency Vehicles

New pricing is forthcoming, along with longer intervals. Full coverage is now available for 6 years/100,000 miles, 7 years/100,000 miles and 8 years/100,000 miles. Major Component coverage is now offered for 10 years/200,000 miles across all engine platforms. The NER program has been discontinued.

RV Market

The same extended coverage options as fire and emergency vehicle engines apply to the recreational vehicle (RV) market, as well (6 years/100,000 miles, 7 years/100,000 miles and 8 years/100,000 miles), providing extra peace of mind over and above the 5 year/100,000 mile Base Warranty. The NER program has also been discontinued for the RV market. Major Component coverage is also now offered only for 10 years/200,000 miles for the RV market.

School Bus and Transit Bus Markets

Extended coverage plans for the L9 have been reduced in price for transit and shuttle operations, while school bus plans and pricing will remain unchanged.


Aftertreatment coverage has been expanded for MidRange diesel engines. NEC coverage is now more affordable for motorcoach operators with L9 engines, and new components have been added to Plan 1 coverage for the 2017 L9 motorcoach application.

Encore Xtra™

The Encore Xtra protection plan and incentive program have proven to be very attractive to Cummins customers with 2010 or 2013 ISX12 or ISX15 engines, and will continue unchanged for 2017. These programs provide used-truck purchasers with peace of mind at an affordable price. For more information, download the Encore Xtra brochure.

Fuel Pump Coverage

Owners of 2010 ISX12 or ISX15 engines will still have the option to purchase fuel pump coverage on its own. There is not a requirement to have extended coverage. It is available to first owners only, but fuel pump coverage is transferrable to future owners.

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