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Taking Productivity to New Heights: Cummins X12

The current ISX12 engine is a workhorse that just won’t quit, proven in day cabs and vocational applications with the toughest duty cycles. Its legacy of proven performance using smart regeneration software and high-capability Power Take-Off (PTO) features will continue on the next-generation X12, scheduled for full production in 2018.

Cummins X12 will redefine the entire medium-bore engine category (10 liters to 13 liters), setting new standards for productivity in regional-haul, vocational and intermodal truck applications with performance that is not just unchallenged – it’s unbeatable.

X12 Horsepower and Torque Chart

Smaller in size – at least 150 pounds lighter than the next-closest competitive engine and up to 600 pounds lighter than other medium-bore engines – the X12 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any heavy-duty engine from 10 liters to 16 liters in size. The combination of power and efficiency is striking. You can gear the X12 to pass traffic in the left lane, and still have plenty of fuel left in the tank for every job.

Built on a proven platform designed for maximum uptime and productivity, the X12 shares many heavy-duty components with the X15, including our proprietary Cummins Holset VGT® Turbo, XPI fuel system, Electronic Control Module (ECM), Single Module™ aftertreatment system and ADEPT™ advanced electronic features. It’s an engine platform that’s been tested and is delivering in the toughest, most challenging operations around the world. From Australian B-doubles to fuel tankers, it just keeps rolling.

Regional-haulers with hub-and-spoke operations can expect total cost of operation (TCO) to drop significantly with the X12. A low-friction design increases fuel economy while extended maintenance intervals and high-mileage, real-world experience ensure maximum uptime.

Carry More. Do More
Not only does the ultra-compact, lightweight X12 allow you to carry an extra 600 lb of payload compared to leading 13-liter engines, the Single Module aftertreatment system is 40 percent lighter than the aftertreatment system of the previous model year. Its compact size allows the aftertreatment to be positioned closer to the engine, for more efficient heat management. That means fewer regenerations, lower maintenance and improved performance while meeting 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) fuel economy regulations.

Run Quicker. Deliver More
The X12 delivers exceptional throttle response for inner-city stop-and-go operation, especially when paired with an automated manual transmission. Its compact size enables shorter bumper-to-back-of-cab dimensions with improved maneuverability while a proprietary Cummins engine brake improves stopping power and lengthens service brake life.

Advanced electronic features on the X12 include Connected Diagnostics,™ which automatically performs troubleshooting if a fault code is triggered, sending notifications of probable cause and recommended actions, and giving your customers the knowledge they need to keep equipment operating safely. The X12 is even equipped with over-the-air calibration and tuning capabilities, so customers don’t need to take a truck out of service to make updates.

X12 ratings range from 350 hp to 475 hp with 1250 to 1750 lb-ft of peak torque with ratings for special applications up to 500 hp. For additional details, check out the X12 brochure or visit

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