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Money Talks: X15 Efficiency Series for 2017

The best-selling engine in its class has been completely reinvented to meet the needs of customers who value fuel economy, low total cost of operation and increased uptime above all else. Breakthrough technology on the X15 includes dynamic electronic controls, enhanced engine breathing and an optimized combustion process. Taking advantage of the big-bore architecture, Cummins manages the combustion cycle to achieve the highest compression ratio in the industry while improving thermal efficiency. This technology works with our proprietary VGT® Turbo and XPI fuel system to provide superior efficiency and crisp response to driver input. Even the Cummins integrated engine brake has been improved, delivering over 400 braking horsepower at just 1300 rpm.

The X15 Efficiency Series provides 400 hp to 500 hp with 1450 lb-ft to 1850 lb-ft of peak torque.

Torque X Engine Speed Chart

Power X Engine Speed Chart

But that’s just the tip of the technological iceberg. Other features available on the X15 Efficiency Series engine include:

  • SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain – Available with small-step overdrive and direct-drive options, it’s the most fuel-efficient powertrain your customers can buy.
  • ADEPT™ Electronics – Designed specifically for use with automated manual transmissions. The system adapts to operating conditions to help drivers operate as efficiently as possible. ADEPT is proven to deliver up to 6 percent better fuel economy. The ADEPT suite of features includes the following:
    • SmartTorque2 – Senses selected gear, overall engine load based on gross vehicle weight (GVW), aerodynamic drag and road grade to determine the exact amount of torque needed to maintain road speed and eliminate unnecessary downshifts.
    • SmartCoast™ – On moderate downhill grades, the transmission will keep the clutch engaged while shifting out of gear, allowing the engine to return to idle and reducing drag. This conserves vehicle momentum and improves fuel economy. The transmission automatically shifts into the correct gear at the exact moment that power is needed to maintain road speed, whether you need acceleration or engine braking.
    • Predictive Cruise Control – Using GPS technology, it previews the road ahead and modifies both the fueling rate and road speed limit to take advantage of vehicle momentum.

20 Percent Better. Every Gallon
Customers trading trucks built in 2012 can expect up to 20 percent better fuel economy with the X15 SmartAdvantage Powertrain. If they’re currently getting 6.5 mpg, that number should jump to at least 7.5 mpg, and probably closer to 8 mpg. For a truck running 120,000 miles per year, that means about 2,500 fewer gallons of fuel going into the tank – a direct savings of $7,500 per truck at $3 a gallon. That kind of money doesn’t just talk – it shouts.

Fuel Economy Gains since 2010

More Savings
There are other money-saving changes too, such as a Single Module™ aftertreatment that’s 40 percent lighter and 60 percent smaller, with an increased ash capacity that increases the cleaning intervals and reduces regenerations. Oil Drain Intervals (ODI) have been lengthened to 50,000 miles, and with the OilGuard oil analysis program, some customers may be eligible to extend oil-drain intervals up to 80,000 miles. There’s no hydrocarbon doser, and no maintenance required on the crankcase ventilation filter. Your customers currently running 2010 Cummins ISX15-powered units are going to see a 40 percent reduction in maintenance costs over the first half-million miles – from close to $14,000 to less than $8,000.

The X15 also includes a number of over-the-air capabilities that can enhance uptime when connected to a capable telematics system. These Connected Solutions™ include:

  • Connected Diagnostics™ – A high-capacity Electronic Control Module (ECM) works with the customer’s on-board diagnostic system to connect with Cummins the moment a fault code is generated, with expert analysis and a recommended action sent to fleet management.
  • Connected Calibrations™ – Customers can change or update engine calibrations without having to take the vehicle to a service bay. This feature allows customers to run lower horsepower on flat land, for better fuel economy, or access higher power output when needed for a run through the mountains.
  • Connected Tuning™ – Allows real-time tracking and modification of parameter settings across an entire fleet, to further enhance vehicle efficiency and driver satisfaction.
  • Best of all, X15 engines have been proven in real-world field testing covering all kinds of terrain in all kinds of duty cycles for around 9 million miles by launch, because getting maximum uptime is the only way for your customers to maximize profits.

    Ratings range from 400 hp to 500 hp with 1450 lb- to 1850 lb-ft of torque. For additional details, check out the X15 Efficiency Series brochure or visit

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