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Never Compromise – Cummins X15 Performance Series

The status quo doesn’t cut it. Never has. Never will. That’s why Cummins has totally re-engineered its heavy-duty platform with technology that delivers performance, efficiency and uptime like never before. Virtually every critical component, including the power cylinder, camshaft, turbo and fuel system, has been scrutinized, modified, upgraded and improved. The 2017 X15 is completely reinvented, to deliver the best performance and dependability in the industry. These enhancements improve air handling, for faster throttle response plus stronger braking power at lower rpm.

In addition to delivering the rewarding performance drivers want; the X15 delivers superior fuel economy over competitive engines. So your customers can blow past other trucks on the road – and leave them in the dust at diesel stops.

Two versions of the 2017 X15 are being offered: the Efficiency Series and Performance Series engines. The X15 Efficiency Series is designed for fleets trying to maximize fuel economy in their linehaul operations, and the X15 Performance Series is engineered to meet the needs of heavy-haulers, expeditors and fleets running across mountainous terrain. Here we’ll focus on the X15 Performance Series and what makes it such a strong engine.

X15 Performance Series – Kicking Butt on Hills
The 2017 X15 delivers power on the hills like a hot rod coming off the starting line. With ratings from 485 hp to 605 hp and available torque up to 2050 lb-ft, this is the most powerful engine available in a truck, as you see in the wide power and torque bands below. The extra muscle of 15 liters means that the X15 doesn’t have to work as hard pulling the load, so you’ve got an engine that’s going to use less fuel, last longer and be worth more at the end of the run.

Higher Engine Braking at Lower RPM
The X15 is optimized to deliver the power to get you past traffic and over the next hill. But what’s really impressive is what happens when you crest the hill and take your foot off the accelerator. That’s when the most powerful engine brake in the industry kicks in, and you just ease on down the road. You get over 450 braking horsepower (bhp) at 1500 rpm, and up to 600 bhp at 2100 rpm. The best just got better, and that means longer service intervals for your brake system.

Brawn and Brains
The value that Cummins is bringing to the trucking industry goes well beyond engine hardware. With the X15, Cummins is bringing the next evolution in remote connections with our Connected Solutions™ telematics features: Connected Diagnostics™ for real-time expert advice, Connected Calibrations™ with over-the-air (OTA) engine calibrations and Connected Tuning,™ for real-time engine electronic feature adjustments without taking the truck to a service station.

Extra Payload, Every Truck
A new Single Module™ aftertreatment system replaces heavy, complex two-piece units with a flow-through design. It is 60 percent smaller, which means it can be situated closer to the engine, for better heat management with fewer Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regenerations. It’s also 40 percent lighter, which increases payload and profits. That’s a win/win for every customer.

Say “No” to High Maintenance, “Yes” to Long Life
Your customers don’t need to sweat the numbers. This engine doesn’t need to be babied. With longer maintenance intervals on DPF and oil drains, the less time trucks spend in the shop and the more loads they can carry. So instead of waiting, customers are cruising to their next job, getting it done day in and day out.

9 Million Miles Under Its Fan Belt
X15 engines have been proven in real-world field testing covering all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather conditions for over 9 million miles, because getting maximum uptime is the only way for your customers to maximize profits.

X15 Performance Series ratings range from 485 hp to 605 hp with 1650-2050 lb-ft of torque. For additional details, check out X15 Performance Series brochure or visit

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