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Naturally Aspirated Air Compressor Standard for 2017

A naturally aspirated air compressor on Cummins 2017 X15 Performance and Efficiency Series engines enhances fuel efficiency by as much as 1.5 percent in line-haul applications. Gains of up to 2 percent can be expected by customers with stop-and-go routes. This unit, which replaces the conventional boosted configuration, includes a new PR2 head with a redesigned unloader valve and expansion chamber, for improved reliability and efficiency.

A single-cylinder 18.7-cfm air compressor is standard. It is ideal for use in line-haul applications, including double and triple trailer configurations. A twin-cylinder air compressor option is available for customers who need 37.4 cfm of air pressure. The twin cylinder model is designed for equipment such as dump trucks with lift axles, vehicles with central tire inflation and trailers with bulk unloading features.

X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series engines come fully plumbed for either the single- or the twin-cylinder air compressor. For unique applications please consult with your local Cummins representative on which compressor configuration is best suited to meet your customer’s needs.

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