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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Cummins technology videos must be worth about a million each. This collection of educational videos can help you explain complex technical topics and demonstrate to your customers the dramatic improvement in fuel efficiency, drivability and durability that they can expect as a result. The videos will also help your customers understand the importance of properly setting the parameters of each feature, to better match their application, optimize operation and receive the fullest benefits.

Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM)
Giving an engine the exact same performance characteristics at light load as it has with a full load reduces driveline wear and improves fuel economy.

Load-Based Speed Control (LBSC)
LBSC improves fuel economy by encouraging drivers to upshift in a lower rpm range, and allows full access to power when climbing grades over 2 percent or pulling loads over 100,000 lb.

Gear-Down Protection (GDP)
Cruising in ninth gear on a 10-speed transmission could result in a 16 percent drop in fuel economy. Activating GDP gives drivers a performance incentive to use top gear.

Road Speed Governor (RSG)
This video describes how the upper and lower fueling control droops work with the RSG to take advantage of terrain changes, providing safe operation and improved fuel economy around a set speed point.

Predictive Cruise Control and SmartCoast
Look-ahead GPS allows a truck to gain momentum above a set speed point, in anticipation of an upcoming hill. At the top of the hill, SmartCoast neutralizes the transmission, and the tachometer drops back to idle (600 rpm), saving fuel.

Driver-Initiated Override
Commonly known as “reserve speed,” this easy-to-use feature allows three to five additional mph for the short period of time needed to overtake a vehicle that is running at or close to a maximum vehicle set speed.

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