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Torque It Up: 1850 lb-ft Now Available in ISX15 400 hp-to-475 hp Ratings

Big torque used to be reserved for high horsepower ratings above 500 hp for the Cummins ISX15 engine, but now, customers who want the best of both worlds can order an ISX15 with 1850 lb-ft of peak torque at 400 hp, 450 hp or 475 hp. Prior to this, customers had to spec a 485 hp or 500 hp rating to get 1850 lb-ft.

These three new fuel-efficient ratings make full utilization of the low-end torque available in the ISX15, which can be accessed at engine speeds as low as 1000 rpm. Higher torque at lower rpm means less shifting and higher average road speeds, especially in mountainous terrain. This increases driver satisfaction as it improves fuel economy.

Customers operating at 80,000 lb or less or on hilly or flat terrain should continue to use ISX15 SmartTorque ratings with a peak torque of 1750 lb-ft in order to maximize fuel mileage.

These new ratings also enable downspeeding, to save fuel without compromising performance. The Cummins PowerSpecâ„¢ tool can assist you in determining the best array of components and parameter settings so that customers can optimize torque ramp-up and vehicle acceleration in the lower end of the gearbox and to assist in low-speed maneuvering.

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