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New Connected Diagnostics™ App Puts Your Customers’ Fleet at Their Fingertips

There’s a new mobile app available for Connected Diagnostics, making it possible for your customers to view notifications about engine faults directly on their smartphones. They will be able to see the complete Connected Diagnostics fault notification report, with derate notification banner, prioritized fault codes, suggested root cause of the fault and expert guidance, with actionable information directly from Cummins.

The app provides a status page listing of all your customer’s connected vehicles, organized and prioritized by the engine systems’ current fault code status. There is also a count reference displayed on each of the status tabs, so your customers can quickly track their entire fleet from their smartphone.

Hyperlinks are provided to the nearest Cummins authorized service location, and Cummins Care contact information to enable convenient and rapid connection to certified Cummins engine support. Search capability and equipment activity status (available with certain telematics providers) further enhance the value of this app.

For a current listing of integrated telematics providers, see

The Connected Diagnostics mobile app operates with both Apple® and Android® operating systems, and is available to registered commercial users. Your customers can register for Connected Diagnostics by contacting their telematics provider or their Cummins representative, or they can call Cummins Customer Care at 1-800-DIESELS™ (1-800-343-7357). Once they are connected, they can simply go to the App Store® or Google Play™ to download the Cummins Connected Diagnostics mobile app and begin using it.

This is part of Cummins commitment to provide customers with exceptional productivity and the best uptime in the industry. For more information, see Cummins Connected Diagnostics app.

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