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MidRange Lineup Now Includes 220 HP ISB6.7

One of the most exciting additions to the Cummins lineup for 2015 is the ISB6.7 rating at 220 hp. A recent simulation compared a 4×2 furniture-delivery truck spec’d with a 2004 240-hp ISC8.3 to two distinct 2015 ISB6.7 220-hp engines. The 2004 ISC8.3 was paired with a manual transmission, whereas one spec for the ISB6.7 used a manual, and the other used an automatic transmission. Manual and automatic transmissions were considered in the vehicle simulation, which was performed on a rural delivery route with some urban influences. Key measurements included startability, gradeability, trip time, fuel economy and number of shifts per 100 miles.

The customer in this study was looking to increase productivity through an increased payload and the ability to cover routes with more customer stops. The customer also wanted to improve fuel economy.

The simulation route was 200 miles long, and mostly on secondary or state roads, with some idling and stop-and-go traffic situations. Even though the ISC8.3 had a 20-hp advantage, the ISB6.7 equipped with a manual transmission achieved comparable performance (one extra minute in trip time) and 6.5 percent better fuel economy. When mated to an automatic transmission, the 220-hp ISB6.7 completed the route faster (by seven minutes) with the same 6.5 percent improvement in mpg.

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The results are a clear indication that with Cummins technological advances of the past decade – and those of our powertrain partners – it is possible to do a lot more work with less horsepower. Your customers will see similar results across the entire lineup of Cummins MidRange engines, provided you follow recommended gearing and spec’ing.

Getting the right spec is easier than ever with Cummins PowerSpec, which has recently been updated to create a more intuitive logic flow. PowerSpec 6.0.1 includes the ISV5.0, ISB6.7 (including the 220 hp rating), ISL9 diesel engines as well as the Cummins Westport ISL G and ISB6.7 G natural gas engines. See cumminsengines/powerspec to learn more.


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