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Streamlining Warranty Claims with RAPIDSERVE

Efficiency isn’t just about fuel economy. It’s about making every aspect of working with Cummins, our people and our products faster, simpler and more accurate. Nowhere is this more evident than in our warranty process improvements.

The Cummins Warranty Administration Manual was updated to create a more user-friendly document, making it easier to find base warranty and extended coverage information.

Reimbursement policies have been modified to include technician talk time in the technical escalation process and when a technician has to speak with a RapidServe Catastrophic Agent.

In 2014, Warranty Alert 1423 announced that an NX part can be used when an RX part is not available for warrantable repairs. This means that if an NX part is sitting in your inventory and you have to order an RX part, you can replace the failed part with an NX part under a warrantable repair.

In addition, there have been significant modifications to RAPIDSERVE™ Web, to provide better search functionality, availability of special-access Standard Repair Times (SRTs), a “copy claim” function that automates the process for filing a duplicate or similar claim on a common issue, an increase in the number of custom SRT entries that can be created, and a more complete status box (including adjustments and reasoning) in the “Claim” versus “Paid” field. Administrative SRTs also now auto populate for RapidServe Web Claims, reducing redundant keystrokes and processing times for warranty claims.

Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 automotive engines will have Repair and Accessibility SRTs available within the Expert Diagnostic System (EDS). This same functionality will be expanded to cover EPA 2010 engines in the first quarter of 2016. All SRTs (Diagnostic, Repair and Access) will now be displayed in the audit trail.

To encourage dealers to use RAPIDSERVE Web for warranty claims, an extra 10th of an hour was automatically added to dealer claims opened and closed through RAPIDSERVE Web as of July 1, 2015. Hopefully, all of our dealerships are now using RAPIDSERVE Web, as it will be required for all warranty claims filed as of Oct. 5, 2015. To facilitate the transition, Cummins is providing navigational support with live help available over the telephone, along with step-by-step training on QuickServe® Online (QSOL). This is in addition to the Cummins Tech Support lines that will continue to be available for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty questions.

Verbal authorization for warranty claims is now required only in extreme cases in which there is block or crank damage. All other claims should be filed using RAPIDSERVE Web.

Other changes that streamline the claims process include the following:

  • Since May 16 of this year, RapidServe and Claim agents will no longer ask for hard copies of Maintenance Records, hard copies of parts invoices for proof of parts warranty, and will not ask for hard copies for Tow Bills under $2000.
  • When asking for pictures, RapidServe and Claim agents will ONLY ask for pictures on Catastrophic failures and will ONLY ask for hard copies of ECM images for loss of oil pressure, high coolant temp and overspeed symptoms.

At Cummins, we are constantly striving to be “easy to do business with” for our dealership partners and your customers. Providing a more streamlined, efficient and effective warranty claims and repair process is positive proof that we are continuing to make big strides in this journey forward.


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