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Redefining Fuel Economy and Performance – 2017 ISX15 With Single Module Aftertreatment

2017 ISX15Announced this spring, a key feature of the upcoming Cummins Redefining Tour will be the 2017 ISX15 engine outfitted with a new Single Module aftertreatment system.

Extensive real-world testing is already underway, with nearly 9 million miles to be completed before the 2017 ISX15 is released in full production. That’s more than any other product ever launched by Cummins.

The 2017 design will have two clearly defined and optimized rating groups. One will be optimized for customers looking to maximize fuel economy, and the second will have calibrations geared for customers who need higher performance. The 2017 ISX15 will be customized to meet specific productivity needs while meeting total cost of operation (TCO) goals. Integrated ADEPT™ technology and a focused effort on extending maintenance intervals will help improve operational efficiency and increase uptime.

An emphasis on downspeeding delivers peak torque at lower RPMs – in the “sweet spot” for fuel efficiency in ISX15 engines rated 400 hp to 500 hp (298-373 kW). A next-generation VGT™ Turbocharger, together with ADEPT technology, will boost fuel efficiency.

Customers who need stronger performance will want to spec an ISX15 with 485 hp to 605 hp (362-451 kW). This group of engines is optimized for faster transient response, and thus better performance when climbing grades. In addition to maintaining higher road speeds, these engines generate increased stopping power from the enhanced INTEBRAKE™ system at lower RPMs – where it’s needed most.

The Single Module aftertreatment system combines Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) functions in a single unit that is 60 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the current aftertreatment system. The smaller size makes it easier to install and allows for positioning closer to the engine for better heat management. A single pass exhaust flow design lowers backpressure, which allows stronger performance characteristics.

The 2017 ISX15 will include everything from ADEPT electronic features to an entire suite of Connected Solutions, including Connected Diagnostics.™

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