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How Load Based Speed Control (LBSC) Helps Drivers Get Better Fuel Economy

Cummins_5f2013_ISX15_Fuel_3Qtr_High_Red - LargeExperienced operators with good driving habits consistently run in the lower portion of the rpm range to get better fuel economy. This also helps engines run quieter and have a longer life-to-overhaul. One of the proprietary features on Cummins ISX15 engines is Load Based Speed Control, which helps novice drivers achieve fuel economy and overall efficiency similar to those of the most proficient pros.

LBSC senses how much load the engine is pulling, and adjusts the available rpm in all but the top two gears. Under low or intermediate power demands, LBSC gives drivers a performance incentive to upshift earlier in the rpm range, “cuing” the driver at the exact point where shifting is optimized. This helps lower average engine operating speeds, save fuel and reduce operating costs for your customers.

LBSC operates only under the following conditions:

  • On road grades of 2 percent or less
  • When the gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 100,000 lb or less
  • When a valid transmission gear is detected and when the transmission is in gear

When customers need more power to climb hills, are pulling more than 100,000 lb or the vehicle is operating on a soft surface, LBSC automatically increases the available engine rpm so the driver can utilize the full strength of the engine.

LBSC is designed to work seamlessly with Gear Down Protection. When a driver is making the transition into the top two gears, typically LBSC will allow an additional 100 rpm. This allows smoother shifting and more pleasing performance.

The LBSC feature is designed for use primarily with manual transmissions, but should also be set up to function when automated manual transmissions (AMTs) are used in the manual mode. Complete details about LBSC and instructions on how to set up this feature for your customers can be found at

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