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Redefining Support With Connected Diagnostics™

ConnectedDiagnostics_LargeConnected Diagnostics is your customers’ lifeline to Cummins when they need it most. Compatible with leading telematics providers, this application wirelessly connects the engine to Cummins for engine fault diagnosis, determining the potential root cause within seconds and providing clear recommendations for immediate action.

The moment an engine system fault occurs, the telematics system instantly transmits key engine system and GPS data through the existing telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics immediately applies unique Cummins analytics, to transform the data into actionable information. A diagnosis of the fault, and clear recommendations regarding continued vehicle operation or the need for immediate service, are instantly sent. Connected Diagnostics is a critical lifeline that enables your customers to properly care for their engine system while maximizing uptime and equipment availability without the downtime previously needed to investigate the cause of the fault.

Connected Diagnostics uses the power of Cummins to analyze fault code data, prioritizing all active and recently inactive faults, to provide a high level of confidence that the recommendation to stop immediately or service immediately is the right one. Determining the root cause of the system failure to the component level, Connected Diagnostics facilitates the repair and minimizes downtime.

Only Connected Diagnostics can report engine performance derate timers that may have been triggered by the fault. Action can then be taken, knowing the time and impact of a pending derate, to help avoid progressive engine damage, ensuring the health of the engine and aftertreatment system and reducing expensive equipment recovery charges.

Connected Diagnostics also identifies the nearest certified repair location and creates a work order, so when your customers call Cummins Care at 1-800-DIESELS™ (1-800-343-7357), their representative will have immediate access to fault event details, for faster and more accurate repairs.

Connected Diagnostics is just the first app in an exciting new suite of advanced features that will use the connection of your customers’ engines to Cummins, adding capabilities and providing added value for your customers in a timely manner. For more information, see

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