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ISX15 475 Rating Delivers 3 to 5 Percent Better Fuel Economy Than Competition

Cummins is committed to enabling your customers to succeed, and has designed the ISX15 475-hp rating to deliver superior performance for applications that demand it. The ISX15 475-hp rating delivers power to spare without compromising fuel economy. It is a well-balanced rating that provides productivity with bottom line savings.

While the ISX15 is listed on the rating chart as a 475 hp engine, one look at the power curve reveals that the ISX15 475 rating actually reaches 485 hp at 1600-1700 rpm. It delivers peak torque of 1650 lb-ft across a wide operating range (1000-1500 rpm), making it extremely easy to drive with reduced shifting.

ISX15 475 rating chart

The ISX15 475 rating delivers 3 percent to 5 percent better fuel economy compared with the previous ISX15 485 rating with a peak torque of 1650 lb-ft. This exceptional fuel efficiency is the result of downspeeding – the process of setting up an engine and transmission to accelerate and cruise in a lower rpm range than ever before. Running in a lower rpm range means fewer combustion events and lower friction losses ­– which conserves fuel. Reducing fuel usage by 3 percent to 5 percent has the potential to save tens of thousands of dollars for your customers on each and every truck they run.

This new rating can also be downloaded as a service calibration to 2013 and 2014 ISX15 engines for a slight modification fee.

For additional details about the ISX15 475, contact your Cummins distributor.

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