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Continuous Improvements Increase Customer Satisfaction

Cummins is constantly improving products and service processes, which will help your customers accomplish their objectives, resulting in better satisfaction with greater uptime. Some recent improvements include the following:

  • Expanded Parts Availability –Certified repair locations can now use and be reimbursed for new Cummins parts when a ReCon® part is not immediately available for warranty repairs, helping to reduce downtime for customers while increasing shop efficiency.
  • Taking Care of Customers – Under a campaign designed to enhance the reliability and durability of the ISX fuel pump, customers who have 2010, 2011 or 2012 ISX15 or ISX12 engines with ceramic fuel plungers can have them replaced with steel plungers. This design has already been implemented in newer engines, so we have complete confidence based on real-world experience that it will provide the high reliability and durability that customers of earlier models require as well.
  • Faster Alternative to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning – Carriers need every piece of equipment on the road as much as possible in order to maximize revenue and meet customer demand. Under the ReCon DPF exchange program, instead of cleaning the DPF of 2010, 2011 or 2012 ISX15 or ISX12 engines, Cummins will simply replace the current DPF with a ReCon DPF. It is faster, more dependable and provides better overall value.
  • More Robust Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensors – On 2013 and 2014 ISX15 engines, Cummins has improved sensors by taking multiple steps to minimize moisture in the system. Couple that with improved sensor software for more accurate readings, and the ISX15 NOx sensors are more reliable than ever.

These four examples are particularly important for your customers who have Cummins engines built since 2010. They show how our continuous improvement process is dedicated to making your customers’ experience better – at every opportunity.

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