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Up to 2 Percent Fuel Savings With Vehicle Acceleration Management

Cummins 2013 ISX15 Front Red-lprOne key for your customer’s to get the best possible fuel economy is smooth, steady acceleration – using only the amount of power (and fuel) necessary to get up to speed. This is what experienced efficient drivers know. Cummins has developed an engine electronic control feature called Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) that can help any driver operate as efficiently as an experienced one. In typical line-haul and regional-haul duty cycles, your customers could see up to a 2 percent fueleconomy improvement.

VAM senses operating factors – including the weight of the load being pulled – and adjusts the amount of horsepower and torque available, delivering the exact amount of power that will result in a smooth, constant rate of acceleration as the vehicle builds road speed going through the gears. VAM’s smoother acceleration also reduces driveline and tire wear while simultaneously increasing fuel economy.

This is especially effective in operations such as less-than-truckload (LTL) operations dropping off multiple shipments on a single route, or bulk hauler (line-haul) operations running deadhead or empty. In essence, VAM makes the vehicle accelerate at same rate whether the vehicle is a full load or a bobtail.

VAM is available on the ISX15, and works together with other programmable features such as LoadBased Speed Control (LBSC) and Gear Down Protection (GDP) to help ensure that every driver performs like a pro, delivering industry-leading fuel economy. For customers electing the ISX15 SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain, VAM is enabled by default. However, VAM is also a programmable feature that can be enabled, and its settings can be adjusted using a licensed version of PowerSpec. Cummins highly recommends starting by using the default values that are unique to each engine.

The Vehicle Acceleration Management feature is also available for other On-Highway engines including the ISB6.7.

For more information visit or download the “Ten Tips To Maximize Fuel Economy. ISX15 Engines.” brochure at

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